Kodiak Spring Bar Canvas 10X10 Tent

While this may appear to be a duplicate post of our previous Kodiak tent where I posted the infamous words of "the last tent we'll ever buy," this is a new tent for us. While cleaning our Field&Stream tent after our trip to Kolob, I managed to destroy its rather delicate fly. It wasn't long for the days of our adventures, and for the price, I can't complain. So, with its plight, I replaced it with a Kodiak 10X10, six-person canvas spring-bar tent.

And I couldn't be happier. Watertight, breathable, durable 100% cotton duck canvas, craftsperson stitching and construction, six and-a-half foot ceiling, a reinforced coated floor pan, doors front and back, YKK zippers, and a quick and easy deployment make this, dare I say it again, the last tent I'll ever buy. I've learning my lesson.

It's downside, it weighs 74 pounds. I've done the math, though, and in calculating the full weight of our vehicle load against its capacity, we have another 300 pounds to work with, all loaded. No worries.

Packed, it's bulky as well, though it stows in two bags, one for the tent, the other for the poles.
Our first nights in the Kodiak were in the Uintahs over the Fourth of July, the second of which it rained heavily. There's something to being comfortable and dry in a tent during a long downpour, akin to the same in a convertible, the sound of it especially. The awning quickly pooled a lot of water, but a simple adjustment of one of the poles, bringing one corner down lower than the other, drained the pool and kept it clear the rest of the storm. Combined with the awning on the H3, we had a nice space to cook and eat in and enjoy.

The tent dried after a couple of hours of direct daylight and we packed it up for our return home. Like with any canvas product, this should not be stored damp - mildew is its quick and fatal enemy, so care should be taken to make sure it's completely dry and stored in a dry area.


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