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Helio Pressure Shower

We've been using an improvised shower system created from a garden sprayer with with a food-grade tube and shower head from an old solar shower. It worked very well but turned out to be too bulky with the reduced cargo capacity of the H3.  I read about the Helio Pressure Shower in a review on Expedition Portal and thought I'd give it a go. 
Short-term, I love this product. It compacts, it's construction is stout and it provides good pressure. By mid-afternoon with full sunshine exposure it's ready to deliver a good, warm shower. At capacity, 11 liters, there's plenty of H2O for two showers and it's still portable.  The Helio uses air generated from an integrated foot pump to pressurize the water chamber, creating nice pressure through a seven-foot tube to a standard kitchen sink sprayer. The unit collapses neatly, but with a bit of persuasion, into a ventilated carry case the size of a medium mess kit (seen in lime green in the top image). Given the physics of…