Camp Chef Mountain Series Stove

Our kitchen kit took the biggest hit in reduction in order for us to get it all to fit in the H3. Cargo capacity restrictions have been a very good thing in reducing and simplifying our gear, replacing the green Coleman double-burner classic with two Brunton stoves, along with a JetBoil. This very compact alternative has given us all the heat we need with which to cook.

Along comes the Helio pressurized water system, and I'm thinking we need something with a little more BTUmph to heat water for enjoyable showers. The size of the Bruntons just didn't seem like they'd heat large amounts of water quickly.

Enter the Camp Chef Mountain Series butane stove, a compact, but standard-size single burner that fits perfectly into the remaining space in our camp box. There are a number of knock-offs out there and from what I've determined, choice just boils down to brand and color. For under $25, you can't go wrong.

The Camp Chef comes with a black plastic case that fits only the stove, no stowage for butane bottles. The stove sets up quickly in about a square-foot foot-print and is nicely finished with a built-in Piezo lighter. In just a few moments you have heat.

I initiated it with a 1.4l pot full of two cups of water to boil for pasta. We were camping at an altitude of 6400 feet.  The water never came to a boil.

So, now we have a great little burner for medium-heat cooking, like eggs, or a gentle sauté. We'll leave the boiling to the Bruntons.


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