GCI Compact Camp Tables

Camp tables seem to exist on only two of three legs - compact, sturdy, lightweight. For every table we've tested one of these was compromised until we discovered the GCI Compact Camp Table 20 and 25.

The 25 pictured above is a 25"x25" table with a height of 27.5 inches and folds down to a two inch thick 25"x24" stackable platform. It's constructed of aluminum and weighs under six pounds. It holds up to 60 pounds and deploys in seconds. It uses a handy spring-lock dowel that compresses when the legs are folded and gently squeezed making the retraction of the legs effortless. This patent-pending design is simple and brilliant. The 25 is large enough to seat two comfortably and four very close friends.
The 20 is identical in design, but smaller in size, 20"x18" with a height of 24 inches, perfect in the tent for a cot-side or utility table. It weighs four pounds. We picked up one of each for our last outing and will be going back for at least one more of each.


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