Coleman Steel Belted Cooler

This Coleman Steel Belted cooler has kept its cool for five days without adding more ice. It's in its fifth year of service on our adventures and shows no sign of aging.

It helps to pack its 54-quart basin with cold and frozen items to begin with. We freeze all our meats before each trip and refrigerate everything else before packing.

The cooler has a couple of space upgrades, a CoolerWebs pouch that adheres to the lid and a Cooler Shelf that attaches via hook and loop that adheres to the cooler sides.
The CoolerWebs pouch has a Velcro enclosure that holds flat or thin packages such as bacon or sliced cheeses.
The Cooler Shelf suspends other items we'd like to keep dry for the long run. Both these additions make long-term travel with a cooler much more manageable. The shelf has been discontinued for sale, but the pouch is still available on Amazon.


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