ARB 1250 Awning

The Eezi-Awn taught us a lesson or two in what to look for in our next awning. The first being weather protection. We picked up an ARB 48" awning. It's enveloped in a heavy duty nylon reinforced pvc bag, completely weatherproof.
The second is in the hardware. The legs are height-adjustable and use a solid locking cam system that instills more confidence in the structure's integrity.
 The shade is made from a thick pvc lined polyester.
 All hardware on the awning is aluminum and nicely machined and finished.
The third lesson is in its engineering. The stanchion junctions include an oversized black disk that keep the legs and stanchions secured in their channels until they're deployed making one-person set-up quick and easy. The Eezi-Awn required two people and was awkward to deploy.
The shade secures to the frame with stout velcro strap and the corners are reinforced. The frame is channeled as well to accept mosquito netting and add-on rooms with floors, all ARB accessories.
My only regret with this awning is its size. There are no accessory add-ons for the 4' version that would make it into a weather-proofed tent, an option we'd like to explore in lieu of an RTT. Next season we'll add an ARB 2000 and relocate the 4' awning to the rear to cover the rear door cargo area. 


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